Livorna Estates

COVID Pool Use Rules

Procedures that the board has put in place to help keep you safe.

1) Contra Costa County has mandated social distancing as a requirement for opening pools.

2) We want you to feel safe at Livorna Pool!!!
  • Please contact a lifeguard if you feel unsafe due to other swimmers, or guests on deck, that are not respecting a 6 foot social distancing boundary.
  • Lifeguard will disinfect pool furniture after you leave.
  • Lifeguards will wear facemasks when interacting with you.
3) Bathrooms are for emergency use only.
  • Please notify the lifeguard if needed.
  • Lifeguard will disinfect the bathroom after each use.
4) If you contract COVID please contact us so that we may notify other guests that were at the pool at the same time that you were.

5) Please sign in all individuals in your party so that we can contact you later if needed.
  • Please indicate whether each person is a member or a guest. Indicate (M) or (G) next to their name.
  • Guest policy is:
    • Each adult and teenage member is allowed to bring two guests.
    • Pre-teens are not allowed to bring guests.
6) We want you to enjoy Livorna Pool and stay healthy!
  • Have fun in the pool and respect others.
  • If you are a lap swimmer and the lanes are taken, please ask for a lane. Lifeguard will add if possible.
  • Kids:
    • Find games that are fun that allow you to distance.
    • Please respect the safety and distance needs of others!