Livorna Estates

2020 Covid Procedures

PHHA Covid Pool Rules

Please Remember: We are all trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Be respectful to:
  • Lifeguards - they are doing what they have been asked to do to keep us all safe and allow the pool to open.
  • Fellow Members - we’re all in the same situation.
  • Board Members - they pay the same dues as you and volunteer their time. Have ideas to further improve the process that the board implemented? We would welcome your efforts!

Objective: Open Livorna Pool in compliance with Contra Costa County order (see below) and keep the pool open for members by staying in compliance.

Pool Procedures

  1. Please put on your face mask before entering the pool area and wear it while not in the water.
  2. Enter the pool using your card key.
    1. You must have an active card key to enter the pool area.
    2. Lifeguards are instructed to not allow people without a working card key.
    3. Issues: Contact our Association Manager Susan Tognolini at or 925-417-7100 x 1220.
  3. Stay in the cordoned Waiting queue until admitted by a lifeguard.
    1. Maintain 6’ of separation from other guests.
    2. First come first served.
    3. There is a limit to the number of people that can be in the pool based on county guidelines. The number has been changing with each update.
  4. Lifeguard will check you in when a spot in the pool is available.
    1. Do not enter the pool without approval from a lifeguard.
    2. Provide your name and contact info to be used to contact you in the event of a reported case.
  5. At the end of your session please check out with the lifeguard and identify furniture that you used so that it can be wiped down.
  6. Minimal use of restrooms per county order.
    1. Only used to go to the bathroom
    2. Not used for changing
    3. Lifeguard must clean after each use.
  7. No congregating on the pool deck per county order.
    1. Please maintain 6 feet distance from others and wear a face mask.
  8. Please contact us if you contract Covid so that we can notify those that you may have come in contact with.

Contra Costa County Order Opening Pools

This is the county order that has allowed Livorna Pool to open.

Excerpts from Appendix C-1: Additional Businesses Permitted to Operate (Updated June 16, 2020)

(10) Campgrounds, Recreational Vehicle Parks and Outdoor Recreation Facilities

a. Basis for Addition: Current conditions in the County allow for the opening of sectors of the economy considered to present a moderate risk of transmission with the mitigation steps set forth in State guidance documents. Activities at campgrounds, recreational vehicle parks and outdoor recreation facilities all present a moderate risk of transmission because the activities take place outside.

b. Description and Conditions to Operate: Campgrounds, recreational vehicle parks and outdoor recreation facilities may operate subject to the applicable industry guidance issued by the State of California ( Outdoor pools are also subject to the following conditions:

1. The maximum occupancy of the pool must be limited to a number that is less than or equal to the number of square feet of shared pool space divided by 75.

2. The pool operator must post a sign at or near the entrance to the pool facility that sets forth the maximum allowable occupancy of the pool based on the above limitation.

3. At least one person, separate from a lifeguard, paid or unpaid, shall be on duty at all times to ensure that the social distancing protocol applicable to the facility and all limitations herein are followed. The person performing this function may not be one of the swimmers in the pool.